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Dog Walking

Waggy Mamas operates within an approximate radius of 3 miles from Caerphilly town centre.

Come rain or shine, we will walk your dog/s around your local area and will include parks, fields, woods etc wherever possible. The dogs will be walked for the full time booked with no deduction of time for picking up/dropping off.

Dogs may be walked in a group where practical, ie with other well socialised, friendly dogs and only with your written approval. In any case, we will initially walk your dog/s alone until we have built a relationship with them so they feel safe and secure with us, and only then we will ensure we match them to suitable walking buddies.

Dogs will be kept on lead unless you specifically request they have off lead run time. You will need to sign a permission form for this. The dog will stay on a long line until we’re happy they have a good recall with us.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to walk bitches in season.


You are very welcome to text or call at any time to check how your dog is getting on; we would do the same with our precious family member.

You can be assured that your pet is in safe hands. We are qualified in pet first aid and their safety is of paramount importance to us. You can trust us to take care of your dog in the way we would want someone else to take care of ours.

When you first make an enquiry for our services, we will arrange to visit you at your home to meet you and your dog to discuss your requirements and complete an assessment. We can arrange a trial walk with the owner to ensure that both parties are happy.

Dog Walking Prices from £12

Longer/weekend walks may be possible by arrangement.


Monday to Friday

•MONDAY TO FRIDAY• 30 Minute Walk 60 Minute Walk
Single Dog £7.50 £10.00
Additional dog from same household (Up to 3 dogs per walk) £4.00 £5.00
Your dog as part of a group walk N/A £8.00